A BBQ dinner before Christmas

Today, the weather was perfect for a fun BBQ dinner with my brothers at home. Although we live in the same city, my brothers live separately from us and my husband and I ask them to come over for meals or for an afternoon of movies or video games from time to time. Both of my brothers are avid video gamers while us (my  husband and I) are moderates but we do compare tips and techniques in video games and even share notes as to where to best get gamestop coupons online. Like today, we were discussing the cheats on the tennis game that I like. Although I’m already a PRO for both my left and right hands (yes, l pit my left hand against my right hand and see which is the best, lol), I want to know more cheats to be able to get a higher score ^_^

My leche pie and my pet, Joe. The plate was thrifted from the Japanese Thrift Shop earlier this week.

So anyway, we had pork and beef, and homemade pickled cucumbers, carrots and radish (achara)  and beer, of course! With males outnumbering me today, a BBQ party is less fun unless beer is present. And I say, there were lots of beer today for the three men in my company.

I also made an egg-custard pie for dessert that tasted like, according to my brother, leche flan. So he named it leche pie. Yeah, right. You brat, lol!  It was also nice to see that my dogs now recognise my brothers – and them now at ease with my dogs – so no more annoying barking and growling in the house when they’re around. Both dogs are affectionate and well-behaved but one is so camera-shy. So guess who got most snaps today? 😀

There was a time that there was a bit of tension  between my brother and husband and I’m caught in the middle. To my utter relief and delight, they worked it out amongst themselves and I’m so glad that they’re already past it and getting along better than ever. It’s nice to be able to do things together with my brothers and my husband on occasions and I wish we could all do this regularly.

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