A day with Dylan

A blogger-friend from Manila, Dylan, recently came to the Penh for a visit. It was his first time in the city and he was very specific about where he’d like to see. Guess what or where it is? To the UK motherships of Phnom Penh, lol. I love that Dylan is taking advantage of his holiday here to go thrifting with us, mere mortals. hihihi

 So, of course, PinayWife and I obliged as Dylan is not to be denied of this UK pleasure during his trip!  To make the story short, we were able to go to only two places, at Sakura Used Japanese Products ,which is a long way across town, and at Japanese Toto Recycle Shop which is close to Wat Phnom. Both are awesome thrift shops. These shops not only have clothings and accessories but also appliances as well. We had fun rummaging through rows and rows of clothes, bags, shoes, and other thing-a-majigs. Imagine having ourselves photographed in the middle of what seemed like the restaurant equipment and supplies section of the shop?!?

Oh boy, we couldn’t stop laughing and sniggering. Dylan was as excited as PinayWife and I about our thrift finds and gushing over them. He went home with that Christian Aujard black leather backpack for only a few dollars. PinayWife and I fared well, too.

We celebrated our first meeting, at our favourite local restaurant called Trasak Paem at Street 63. Over sumptuous Khmer food, we shared stories about blogging and traveling as well as current events, chos! lol.

Fish be with you. Photo originally uploaded at insidecambodia.net

Trasak Paem’s deep-fried fish with garlic and green pepper never disappoints! It’s got the crispiest fried fish and garlic ever, arguably the best in Phnom Penh.

Another fish dish for lunch.

We tried this dish above – trey and kopik with vegetables – and it was good. Kopik is preserved tiny shrimps similar to the bagoong in the Philippines. The fresh crispy vegetables on the side are dipped in hot and spicy kopik for maximum enjoyment. We also ordered fish amok which is a must-try when dining at Trasak Paem. Served in a coconut shell, the fish fillets are cooked perfectly with the creamy coconut milk. The spices did not overwhelm and you can’t stop scooping for more.  The rice was unlimited and tea was bottomless. To cap it all, dessert, of course. I am always satisfied with the food, service and ambience at Trasak Paem that I recommend this restaurant to friends.

Going back to our outing, it was really a fun day.
Come visit us back, Dyls. There are dozens more of UK motherships and a lot more Khmer dishes that are waiting for you to be discovered 🙂



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