A PELUKA Christmas Party

0511-0810-2314-4641_Woman_with_a_Hangover_clipart_image It’s the morning after the PELUKA sisters Christmas party and I’m feeling a bit woozy. Not from the champagne, mind you, but probably from all the sugar. Acckkk! *lol*

It was a lovely, lovely evening, and I – well, my husband and I –  enjoyed it! Although we did not have uniformed waiters carrying trays of food, Mumsified and husband E were great, great hosts. Their house was transformed into a hotel-like ambiance with a prettily-arranged buffet table. Charing, but I have a photo to prove it… I mean PinayWifeSpeaks has the photo!

In between quaffing bubbly, red and white wines, beer, and sodas, we feasted on paella, chicken-macaroni salad, spaghetti carbonara, pork-chicken-beef kebabs, spring rolls, smoked bacon, meatballs with yummy tomato sauce (aherrrm!hihi) and many more. The kids also loved Mumsified’s chocolate chip cookies – “Delicious!”, Chinkee says. “Can I have some more, please?” There you go… if the kids couldn’t help but kept coming back for more, how much more moi? And, as we always say, we will be back to watching carbs and sugar only AFTER the holidays! *lol*

regalo When it was gift-giving time, the house was turned upside-down and the little ones went nuts! They were busy checking out everyone’s gifts and couldn’t wait to open theirs. Of course, the PELUKA sisters exchanged gifts as well while our men were playing the guitar and staging a trivia quiz show at the garden. I was  secretly wishing for a set of matouk linens in one of the gifts under the Christmas tree but in the midst of the excitement, the wish was forgotten. I can still put it on my wish list for next Christmas, can’t I?

We had all the food, booze, and fun last night. The trivia quiz was helladope;  we were all laughing all night. A big thanks to E for acting as the quizmaster, we all had a wonderful time.

We have a lot of pictures but it’s not in my camera, especially from PinayMum’s camera. I’ll share them as soon as I get them from the PELUKA sisters =)

I love the holiday season. It always makes us happy even when we have a rough start. It just makes us happy all around.

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    1. Ann, meron kasing Women’s International Group dito, or WIG. Samahan ng mga babaeng expat. Di kami sumali kasi puro kaechosan at kasusyalan ang ginagawa so gawa na lang kami ng sariling grupo – kaya naging PELUKA. hahaha

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