A plucky gardener… am I?

I haven’t written about this yet here (only in my other blog) but I’ve recently discovered  the joys of gardening. Because we are living in an apartment in Phnom Penh, what we have is balcony gardening as opposed to your regular backyard gardening. And yes, we devote most of our weekends into this new hobby 🙂

We started with several potted plants and roses, and after one cycle of wet and dry seasons, all plants and flowers are doing well. The roses are quite a lovely sight and we, ourselves are surprised that they survived the hot Cambodian climate! Each morning we go out to have coffee in the balcony, we are greeted with colourful and sweet-smelling roses. My good friend PinayWifeSpeaks gave me a perfect Christmas present – a flower vase! She probably took pity on me seeing I have only beer bottles for vases (see pictures below). *lol* Thank you, Manay! hehehe.

With the success of these ornamental plants and flowers, and getting inspiration from a  blogger-friend, I urged my  husband that we expand to include herbs and spices in the garden.

And so it was decided that we would have to re-arrange everything in the garden to for the additional chilli, bell pepper, and some cilantro and Thai basil plants. You see, I had this idea (some said it’s crazy) of growing my own food.  Well, crazy as it may, at least I am starting somewhere… somehow.

It was hard work, I kid you  not. The space is very limited, and there’s only two pairs of hands working. Add to that, two four-legged animals trying their best to  “help”. Later this weekend, we will go to our favourite plant shop over the Japanese bridge to see some garden fixtures, like miniature windmills, garden flags, an example picture on the left, to add some pizzaz in our balcony garden. Don’t you just love to have that cutesy-patootie flag in your garden? I do!

Anyways, between my husband and I, it’s my husband who definitely has the green thumb. I only got into this gardening thingy because of him. Here’s some photos I took whenever we spend time in the garden:

I think this is the first picture-laden post I’ve ever had in this blog. Yet I have so many pictures our garden that I’d like to include in this entry but it’s Saturday today and I need to haul my fat behind off this chair, roll up my sleeves because I have some weeding and watering to do! Pictures of my bell pepper and chillis will come in the next post.

Have a lovely and productive weekend, everyone!

2 thoughts on “A plucky gardener… am I?

  1. I wanna grow roses too. I think they would do really great on our ‘backyard’ it gets a full dose of morning sun and its shady when the sun is scorching hot. but I worry about removing them once we construct a house..
    now that I’ve seen your garden on pots i think I wanna garden on pots na rin at least I could move it about…

    1. Yes, Manay! You can just plant the roses in pots muna and they’re so easy to transfer on a soilbed later on. Go, go, go! I get a very nice feeling whenever I see roses in the garden. Just today we were talking, sana today na lang ang BBQ lunch kasi there were so many roses in bloom.

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