A random bourgeois nonsense

I went out to a grocery near my  house earlier today and found myself in a very “trying” situation. I wasn’t particularly hungry, didn’t feel any call of nature, and am definitely not PMSing these days so I was in full control of my self and resorted to people-watching to entertain me while queuing in line.

The line was long and I stood behind a matronly woman talking loudly at the cashier’s counter. Animal-print top (rawrrr!), black fitting jeans, diamond and gold jewelries hang on her neck, ears and arms  (she has a lousy taste!). Lips and cheeks, probably newly-botoxed, were rouge. Her talon-like nails were also painted in red. This uncouth woman also  made sure that I can see her  fiddling with her Lexus keys while the cashier was painstakingly scanning her stuffs with a scanner that didn’t work. The cashier had to leave her post quickly to borrow a scanner from the other cashier, but, that also didn’t work. Then this eager-beaver guy came out and they exchanged words with the cashier, brandishing the scanner to their faces.  Homaygaaad, turned out they didn’t know how to  use  the barcode scanners yet. Ack. What’s even more annoying was to see that woman stood idly there, flicking her hair from side to side while  berating the cashier’s slowness. She was talking rapidly like a machine gun,  while the cashier profusely asked for apologies. Gah, to be a nouveau riche in Cambodia. I felt sorry for the cashier.

Okay enough of this nonsense. 

4 thoughts on “A random bourgeois nonsense

  1. ROFL at your description. Plenty of that here in Cambo. And the KEYS, yes the keys. Dont they have pockets or handbags? They really have to hold it and sometimes I wish they’d drop it somewhere, good riddance. But that’s how you really act when you have something you’re not used to having. nouveau riche talaga and often times they are more ‘feeling’ that the ‘really old rich’

    i used to be annoyed with this, but now I choose to be amused. Lol to them. If I ever become rich, zees, I’ll hang the keys on my neck. Hhahahaha 

    1. Yes, and they are abusado when it comes to driving on the road. And oh, don’t get me started with the bag… I didn’t mention it here but it’s like a Chanel because of the chains. Kaso lang I think it’s a fake because the chains were as big as an anchor chain. Mwaahahahaha. Gawin bang bling-bling sa leeg ang key chain? Mwaahahahahah.

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