(Another) Great Scott!

Okay, this is, again, one of my girlish posts… 
This just came out from Yahoo news… Girls, let me introduce to you the new Professor Charles Xavier…

James McAvoy!

It’s now official: James McAvoy, a Scottish actor, and one of the well-regarded actors in Hollywood today, will play the young Professor Charles Xavier in the new iteration of the X-Men franchise.  How great is that?

My jaw dropped when I read the news. And for a few moments, the initial shock was replaced by excitement. And who wouldn’t be? Not only that he is a brilliant actor but he is also ridiculously good-looking! Imagine his floppy hair and scruffy red beard, his charming Scottish brogue, and oh, those lovely blue eyes and mischievous smile that speak to me (hihihihi). I’m glad that he is already married — otherwise I would be amongst the fighting and biting and kicking girls out there vying for his attention.

Enough said.

I know Prof. X was played to a tee by Patrick Stewart, but do I expect James to live up to the standards set by the prolific actor? My answer is a resounding YES! I mean, have you seen him in The Last King of Scotland (with Forrest Whitaker) and in Atonement (Keira Knightly)? He stormed Hollywood when he played the leads in these movies. If you are not yet convinced, how about in the movies Wanted (with Angelina Jolie and Morgan Freeman), or, in Becoming Jane (with Anne Hathaway), or, or in that HBO mini-series, Band of Brothers (produced by Steven Spielberg)?  Oh goodness, you are missing a lot. Better go to your nearest DVD stores and get a copy of his movies to know what I’m talking about. Really.

James was once a Catholic schoolboy in Glasgow and had thought about entering priesthood, if not for a chance meeting with a Scottish actor who invited him to audition. From there, his movie career just blossomed. 

The new X-men movie is called X-men: First  Class and will focus on the formative years of Professor X and Magneto and where their relationship took a wrong turn. I can’t wait to see James breathe life into his role as the young Prof. X … Already, I am anxious to know whether James will get to keep his hair or sport a shiny pate?

2 thoughts on “(Another) Great Scott!

  1. James McAvoy is one hell of a great choice! He has that smoldering eyes (feeling mo natutunaw ka at ikaw lang ang tinititigan nya di ba?) and he’s a very good actor too..

    I remember I was so addicted to X-men before though medyo naglie low when I had Chinks.. Hmm, I wanna watch this one for sure..

  2. Lui, it’s really worth waiting for the film…. who wouldd have known that a younger Professor X was hot in his heydeys (at least the guy who is playing him)? hihihihi.
    I used to watch Xmen series on TV when I was younger… and I used to know the different groups and its leaders within the Xmen… now I barely remember them except for the major characters.

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