Traveling to Myanmar via stamp

How have you all been? Sorry about the lack of posts as I find no energy in writing these days. Yes, Rafael Nadal has won two titles consecutively in the past two weeks – that should be enough motivation, yes? Winning the ATP Masters in Madrid, Barcelona, and Rome is quite an outstanding feat. These on top of the other tournaments he won in the first quarter of this year considering he’s just come back from a long hiatus due to a very serious knee injury. But yeah, so happy my boy won again and looking forward to

A friend of mine recently sent me a postcard from Myanmar (formerly Burma). How I envied him. I’ve never been to Burma yet. I was planning to go there for a long time now, curious about this secretive country. But, almost all of my NGO colleagues who have been there say that, as a holder of a NGO visa here in Cambodia, obtaining a Myanmar visa is quite challenging eventhough you’re applying as a tourist. So, not looking forward to the hassles, my desire to go there was somewhat diminished and traveled to Vietnam and Laos instead.

Anyways, I just want to share this beautiful stamp that was affixed to the postcard — just because I like the stamps more than the postcard, hahaha. Actually it is quite difficult to get a stamped and written postcard from Myanmar. If not for my friend, I wouldn’t have this in my collection!

shan pot drum, Myanmar

It’s a traditional musical instrument in Myanmar called the shan pot drum, or oo si in the local dialect. It is nothing like the drum machine from musicians friend. In fact, the sound is very much different. It is similar to the sounds of Indian, Thai, Khmer and Chinese music.

Thanks, amigo, for the postcard and stamp. You have rekindled my desire to go to Myanmar. And now that things are getting better there, I hope getting a visa has eased, too.

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