Australian Open Update: Rafael Nadal going to the AO finals!

Spain’s Rafael Nadal ended Roger Federer’s dream of winning another major title!
Friday night’s semi-final clash between the two – touted as the biggest showdown of this year’s Australian Open, proved that Rafa was too strong for Roger, despite the latter’s claim that while he “cannot compete with Rafa on clay, he will never ever  let that guy beat me on another surface again.” Then came the Australian Open’s semis… a big whoooopss! *Hand slaps the forehead*

Rafa's backhand and back end, lol. Nice view.

I guess this Swiss former world number one thinks he can still take back the top spot despite not having won any major titles in recent years and the swirling issues related to his age. Here’s another quote from the presser:

From Steve Tignor via Twitter:
How do you keep your equilibrium after a loss like that?
Fed: “I haven’t lost in five months, don’t feel too sorry for me.”


As if not enough, here’s another one:

“Nadal always play better against me than against others.”
Here’s the complete article where the quote was taken. It’s translated from Croatian.

Ouch, I think we all know who he is referring to. But isn’t he just sour-graping?

Enough already. So anyway, Rafa is set to play the finals against Novak Djokovic.
Although I am really scared for Rafa – errrm, why? am I  his mum? lol – I think this will really  be a great test for both. Djokovic, pushed up to the fifth set by Andy Murray in tonight’s other semifinals, will defend his title. Rafa, on the other hand, who’s campaign in last year’s AO was cut short due to an injury and was beaten in three majors last year by Djokovic, will be avenging those defeats.

So who will win? May the better player win. And that, in my mind, is Rafael Nadal. Vamos, Rafa!

Photo Credit:
Australian Open Facebook Photo Album (Federer v Nadal – 26th January 2012)

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