Baby blues

The past 15 days have been pure anxiety. Only a handful of my friends know why…

Today I woke up and my heart fluttered that the monthly visitor hasn’t come yet.  Hope was growing bigger each passing day as signs appear one by one… the “could it be” is getting louder in my head. As the days went on, hope started to flicker… but just today… later in the day, the dreaded visitor arrived.

fingers-crossedI’m sad, to be very honest. I thought we got lucky this month. Fifteen days of building excitement ended up in disappointment. So no pregnancy tests till next month; no prenatal vitamins yet again for me. Another month, another chance to get fit and lose some pounds. But it would’ve been great had I gotten preggers already! A friend, who had the same situation when she was my age, put it like this: it’s like a punishment for overachievers. *lol*

Oh well, maybe next month we’ll be luckier.

4 thoughts on “Baby blues

    1. I was sad but Rob made me choco-ref cake again… my mood somehow brightened up 🙂 Baka na-stress ako dahil hilong-hilo ako kay muffin. There’s always a next t ime and I know it will come. Thanks for your kind words 🙂

  1. true that sis. don’t think bout it too much. its much better to be surprised.  naubos mo yung choco ref cake? haha baka nga nastress ka ng sobra. think of beautiful things lang…

    1. Lui, I think I was very careless din. I sleep late at night and yes, baka na-stress din ako ng you-know-what. hahaah. Oo, inubos ko ang choco-ref cake… sabi niya sa akin daw lahat yun e weeeeeh!

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