So I have been away from this blog for three weeks. In blogosphere terms, three weeks feel like a lifetime!
It’s not by choice that I was offline. I was forced to¬† because of my lousy Internet service provider. We weren’t getting what we’re paying for – the connection keeps dropping out for every five minutes or so and the technical staff weren’t much of help to us. We had to temporarily discontinue our subscription till the issues were resolved.

So, yeah, to make the story short, I’m finally back online but only to see my email accounts flooded with spam and junk mails from shops and sellers and African bankers/lawyers, more than my regular emails. You get the picture?

Anyhoo, online banking and shopping in the Penh are getting more and more popular these days. Although there are still a handful of online shops, mostly clothings and accessories, I see these shops are putting ads via Facebook. I wonder how these shops handle the online transactions, i.e. payments? Do they know about the electronic payment at

I like shopping online. In fact, I have done it several times already and, fortunately for me, I’ve never encountered any problems yet. Of course, as a shopper/buyer, I make sure that my transactions are secure and protected so it’s important to find out any feedback about a particular online shop before I make my purchases. How about you?

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