BBQ and the no-show visitor…

This is another food post so please bear with me.

Just more than a week after our BBQ party, and when our friends begged off on our lunch date the past weekend,  still my husband and I decided to go on with our planned BBQ even if it’s only the two of us. After doing a bit of weeding and watering in our balcony garden, we then dusted off the BBQ grill. Traces of our previous BBQ lunch could still be seen on the grill.

We hadn’t done anything like this for so long and my husband because the husband and I were so busy working. Now that he has time and I’m based at home, we try to enjoy the little  things and doing things together. Hope we could do more of this often.

The past few days, I’ve noticed that I’ve been eating more than usual. I know I’m matakaw (ehrrm, I have a very healthy appetite!) when it comes to food but it has noticedly doubled. I am now even eating more than my husband – oh horrors!

Could it be? I’m not sure. But I do not want to set my hopes high because I’ve been to this situation before. It got jinxed. It’s now 15days after the expected date and that regular visitor hasn’t dropped by yet. Should it be time for me to reach out for trimedisyn? Maybe I’ll pay  visit to the pharmacist and the doctor this week to rest my doubts.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

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