Beautiful Kazuri necklace from Kenya

Here’s a photo of the Kazuri necklace that my sister posted on her blog while still in Kenya.

Two days ago my younger brother came back from a short holiday to the Philippines. I was told that my younger sister, MamaGirl, sent several pieces of rubber stamps in exchange to the crochet yarns I sent her. ¬†I’m happy that she’s sent me rubber stamps. She knew I’m into stamping this year ūüôā

In 2010, when she served a one year volunteer stint in Mombasa, Kenya . We communicated closely during her assignment there . At that time I was into beading. I was making a lot of stuff out of whatever beads that I could buy at the shops here in Phnom Penh.¬†I didn’t actually like what were sold at the market so I asked my sister if she knew¬†where to find pandora charms¬†in Nairobi and if she’d be willing me buy some for me. I think she misunderstood because just two months after, when she returned to the Philippines after her assignment, she gave me this beautiful,¬†beautiful Kenyan Kazuri beads necklace. Kazuri beads are unique clay beads handmade by the women in Kenya.

Above is a photo of the Kazuri necklace and coordinating dangling earrings that my sister gave me. ¬†Gorgeous, isn’t it? ¬†I wore it during a Christmas party in 2010. It complements well my off-shoulder dress and I received good feedback from friends about how gorgeous this necklace is. I guess I have to thank my sister for her thoughtfulness and her excellent choice. ¬†I really my Kazuri necklace and earrings – definitely one of my most treasured pieces of jewelry. I’m wearing this again when my husband and I go out for our anniversary dinner soon.

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