Blue Monday: Toy logging truck

As per usual, I was blog-hopping and came across another photo meme called Blue Monday. I followed the link and I arrived in the mother-ship of Blue Monday meme. There I read the mechanics, which is very easy, and decided that it is doable. So here I am, on my first Blue Monday meme. Hope to find new friends as well 🙂

My first photo is a toy truck I found in a toy store in Phnom Penh. To most of you, it’s just an ordinary toy truck carrying logs.

This toy truck carrying logs is actually thought-provoking.
This toy truck carrying logs is actually thought-provoking.

Illegal logging is a major problem in Cambodia. Not only does this activity degrades the forest and other natural resources, it also promotes corruption and human rights abuses. So, to see this toy truck sold in a toy store really struck me considering I live here and for years have worked with many local farmers depending on the forest and land for their livelihood.


4 thoughts on “Blue Monday: Toy logging truck

  1. Hi Dilis,

    What a fun blue truck, and you told an interesting story behind it! Thanks for making Blue Monday special by sharing.

    Have a Beautiful 1st Blue Monday!

  2. My goodness the story behind this truck is very interesting and our world is in such a sad state that so much illegal activity goes on. I am always in prayer for the world and those living in it.
    I welcome you to Blue Monday. It is quite fun and I hope to see you here again! Come visit anytime.

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