Bula, bula, Fiji!

I was re-arranging our DVD shelf when I came across a music CD from Fiji. It was given to me by a Fijian who I met at a conference in Sri Lanka.

I hadn’t listened to it in a very long time so I put it on play  right away. Listening to the songs I was instantly lulled by the sweet, melancholic sound that came from the  divine stringed instruments  – guitar, ukelele, and mandolin – that characterized the music from this exotic island. It is like listening to the gentle sound of the waves and the swaying of the coconut palm fronds. I think musicians should revert back to using authentic musical instruments rather than electronically or digitally-produced sounds that are common these days.

For sure Mr. Fiji gained a lot of admirers. Photo from DippedCream.com.

Oh, and speaking of Fiji, I watched the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games last week and I was ooh-ing and aah-ing at the youthful, gorgeous faces and bodies of the athletes. One of which is this judoka from Fiji. Darn. Them exotic islands make exotic men 🙂

Can you imagine him serenading you with Fijian songs? I can. I’ll offer to buy not just the cheapest strings for guitar or his instrument of choice as long as this eye-candy plays me Fijian songs all day long. Erlack, did I just say that? Lol.

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