Cambodia’s skybridge number 2 is now open!

Skybridge number two was officially inaugurated in January 7 this year with no less than the Cambodian Prime Minister  gracing the occasion. I only knew about this two weeks ago when my husband and I decided to go for a leisurely drive up north of the city during the Chinese New Year. We were pleasantly surprised, of course, and we just had to cross the skybridge!

The skybridge is also known as "Spean akas Prampi Makara".

Connecting Tuol Kork and Sen Sok districts, the skybridge was dubbed as “Spean akas Prampi Makara”, named as such in commemoration of the Victory Over Genocide Regime celebrated every 7th of January (Prampi Makara) each year. The first skybridge, Khbal Thnol, was built in 2009 and opened to the public in 2010.

To tell you honestly, I was excited to cross over that bridge! While we were driving over, Phnom Penh looks different from above and feels different, too, as if we were in a different city. Kudos to the Cambodian government for this new bridge. Not only does this ease the everyday traffic problem around this area but it also gives Phnom Penh a modern edge.

In his speech during the inauguration ceremony, the Prime Minister announced that preparations are already underway for the construction of two more mega skybridges and a large underground tunnel. Wow. I’ve been here in Cambodia for nearly twelve years now and I feel so lucky to have seen the many transformations, especially in the capital. From being a dusty, slow-paced city to a vibrant, charming one that it has become now. For sure many of my colleagues who already left the country years ago will not believe what Phnom Penh looks like now!


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