Blue Monday: Cheap clothings

Ahem. I am back.
I wasn’t planning on a long leave from blogging. In fact, I didn’t have any plans to have a blog leave at all. However, since it is already summer – notorious for the scorching heat and persistent daily power cuts – I just stopped blogging. No pre-written posts, no photos in the drafts. Nada. Then the Khmer New Year came (we went on a holiday) and gone (and I didn’t really made an effort to go back, le sigh). I just sat back and allowed this blog to go stagnant. Meh.

Glad that I’ve woken up from that funk! So now I’m slowly inching to go back into the blogging groove again. Let me start again with this photo for our Blue Monday meme:

Clothes everywhere. Cheap, too.
Clothes everywhere. Cheap, too.

There’s so much cheap RTW (ready-to-wear) goods in Cambodia. Most of them are factory overruns, from hundreds of factories operating in the country. So you can imagine the quantity and the variety. In the above photo,  the goods are displayed in stalls in and around Psah Thmey (or Central Market). They are of good quality, and cheap, too. If you don’t mind the heat and sweat from digging through the pile, you are guaranteed to go home with the best buys. If this is not your preference, there are also air-conditioned shops nearby selling similar goods but more expensive.


Quiet weekends

I like quiet weekends. And so does my husband.
There is nothing better to us than to have a plan-free weekend, with our time free to potter around the house.

Of course, we still do errands and shopping (recently we were scouting for a yamaha hs50m for his class) and other chores but, for most of the time, you would catch us relaxing, pursuing our own hobbies, or napping, and then we’ll have a nice dinner at home or, on rare occasions, dine out in our favourite restaurant. Our lifestyle is definitely changing and I’m pleased about it.

Grilled mackerel laced in mixed spices, mango salsa, and Chinese bok choi with oyster sauce and garlic.
Grilled mackerel laced in mixed spices, mango salsa, and Chinese bok choi with oyster sauce and garlic.

The past weekend, my husband wanted to have some grilled fish. And so we trooped to Psah Thmey and bought nearly a kilo of mackerel (2 pcs for 17,000riels) for grilling and ingredients for the Khmer mango salsa to go with the fish.

Every time we visit Psah Thmey it is crowded than ever, no thanks to the busloads after busloads of tourists that go there and the worsening traffic. It was nice to be in the market last weekend when most of the shoppers and tourists have already gone. Psah Thmey was no longer crowded (it was around 12nn) and so we’ve avoided the traffic jam as well as bumping into fumbling tourists in great numbers who were eager for bargains. Still, despite the crowd, the overpriced goods and sellers more aggressive than ever, Psah Thmey retains its charm that we keep on coming back.

We were home by 1pm and we didn’t get the dinner started till 4pm. We capped our day with a movie after this sumptuous dinner we bought earlier today.

Thrift-shopping, I did!

Hi, I’m  back! Did you miss me?
A lot of things happened these past few weeks but I haven’t had the energy to update as often as I want. I will try to post about these events in the coming weeks.

My recent thrift haul: two canvass bags, 3 pyrex measuring cups, 2 gratin bakeware, 5 ramekins, 2 Noritake salad plates... and a partridge in a pear tree, lol!

I was planning to watch a movie with a friend yesterday but had to be canceled due to a domestic emergency. No, nothing serious. Just an important matter that my friend needed to attend to. So instead I went to the Post Office, taking advantage of the cool weather and the bunch of postcards and gifts that required posting. It was still early after I’ve done my business at the PO so I walked towards Wat Phnom thinking fast where to go next. The idea of thrifting popped into my head… so I went to the Japan Thrift Shop.

There were new arrivals! I fell in love at first sight at this particular piece of  barnwood furniture – a simple dining set composed of a dining table and two chairs – that would look great in our apartment. It’s just perfect for me and my husband! There’s something about reclaimed and crafted barnwood pieces that appeal to me. Now, if only I had enough moolah, I would have snatched the set in a heartbeat! The $150 price tag is too much 🙁 However, I didn’t go home empty-handed. For a total of $6.75, I am the proud owner of two cute, Japanese-y canvass bags, three pyrex measuring cups, two small gratin bakeware, 5 pieces of small ramekins, and two salad plates from an unknown Noritake Japan collection.

What do you say – I hit a jackpot, didn’t I?
I still want to visit the other thrift shop outside of Phnom Penh. I hear it has a lot of baking wares in stock there 🙂

Well, hello there…

… November! Goodbye, October

I can not believe that it is now November and the end of 2011 is just around the corner.  Wait, November… the month before Christmas, yes? Can you imagine – 60 days to go and we are going to year 2012? My goodness, this year is just flying by.

Anyhoo, hope your Halloween was fun!

As you know, my father-in-law and husband are celebrating their birthdays in November.  While I already have a nice card for my FIL, I am still downright lost as to what to give for my dear husband. Embarrassing it may look but, yeah, I admit I’m the lamest wife when it comes to gifts. It’s my husband’s birthday in three weeks time but I’m  not sure if three weeks is enough for me to look for a gift. I got to try, right?

Now, where to start –  Sorya and Sovanna mall for shirts? No. They are nice but the husband sure has a picky taste when it comes to his clothes. How about this site briefcases for men? Hmmm, perhaps. He could use one for school. I’m also thinking of a trackball mouse. He spends a lot of time on computer everyday doing his schoolwork so might as well get him a new one. What about a gift certificate? Oh, I don’t really know what would please him 🙁



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Quick note

After more than a month of waiting, the agony is ovah!

The cooling fan I ordered online finally arrived and my laptop is now working finely without the annoying sound in the background. Bye-bye, whirrring sound, here I go back into the blogging groove again! Although the laptop’s bottom is still getting hot, it’s not as hot as  before and I don’t worry about my laptop melting from overheating.

Speaking of heat, while the monsoon rain is pounding and flooding the countryside, it is so hot here in Phnom Penh during daytime (it rains at night, on occasion). I could not tell you how hot  it gets because our thermometer was broken since summer and hasn’t been replaced. Darn, if I could buy a cooling fan for my laptop, I could easily buy outdoor thermometers online. I keep on forgetting, that’s why. I should probably put it in my wish list the next time I login to my online shopping account.

Anyway, here’s hoping the rain eases up. Pictures of flooded areas in Cambodia are really serious cause for concern and alarm. Whole villages and ricefields are inundated with floodwater, hundreds and thousands of families were affected, and hundreds of deaths already reported. Everybody is fearing food shortage in the coming months. Oh dear, please pray for Cambodia and its neighbour Thailand which is also experiencing the same flooding problem.

My prized possession

I was browsing through a news site this morning one news item caught my attention. The news was about the alleged recent “possession” of four high school students in a town in the Philippines. The report said that since that possession incident occurred, more and more students have taken to wearing rosaries as a protection to ward off those evil spirits. Accompanying the news write up was a picture showing students with rosaries hanging on their necks. I’m not sure about the”possession” and how effective wearing a rosary is, but knowing how religious, and superstitious at the same time, the Filipinos are they will believe and do just about anything. Oh yes, despite the modern age we are in, there are still things like this especially in rural areas.

It’s been a long time since I prayed the rosary. When I was younger, my family used to pray the rosary every night. It only stopped when we all grew older and went away for university. Then my husband gifted me with a rosary. In the beginning I thought he knew I hadn’t prayed the rosary for ages that he wanted me to remind of it,  lol.  My husband went to Lourdes, France before embarking on the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage tour by bicycle, sent me a really beautiful rosary he bought at the souvenir shop there. Out of the many personalized rosaries that are available there, he chose a simple yet elegant rosary made of silver and beads and encased in a matching box with the image of the Virgin Mary of the Lourdes. I keep the rosary in my jewelry box for it’s my prized-possession. The rosary doesn’t cost a fortune, but the sentimental value is worth millions to me, personally!


After weeks of rain and gloomy weather, the sun came out today and gave us a wonderful day. I took advantage of the good weather — by doing the laundry! Hanging clothes out in the sun to dry, to me, is still the best. After the laundry, with a beautiful weather like today, my husband and I went on a day trip… errr, make that market trip.

It is very rare that my husband goes shopping, even for himself. Last Sunday he announced he needed new shirts, a pair of jeans and a pair of shoes. I didn’t dilly-dally anymore when he asked me to go with him today. Besides, I wanted to see what sort of stuff he likes and dislikes as I am planning to give him a birthday present. I know, I’m his wife but I’m very clueless about these things. His birthday is next month and very fast approaching. I dread another birthday coming and going without me giving him something. Two months ago, I had a very difficult time looking for a perfect anniversary gift for him.  Why is it that men’s anniversary gifts are such a challenge to find? Generally speaking, searching for gifts for men for all occasions are a challenge. It’s becoming harder every year, I tell you. Poor me, a hapless wife, always struggling to find something for my own husband. I think I better check out more online shopping sites for additional gift ideas for my man. For sure I can pick out something that he will really like,  hopefully, sooner.

Help meeeee!

I need all the help I can get – puhlease!
I’ve gotten so lax when it comes to dieting. After the Pchum Ben holiday, I became so lazy and didn’t stick to my so-called plan for over two weeks now. I ignored the small voices in my head but when I tried on my pants over the weekend, I was mortified that it doesn’t fit me anymore and I looked like a muffin. Que horror.

But my husband says the curves are still there – hahaha – and I hope these curves are in the right places! I think it’s going to be like this from now on. No more fighting, just accept the changes my body is undergoing. There are plus-size models, too, I know, so I’m taking a cue from them. So that means doing away with the old clothes to make space for new ones that are in my current size. In times like this I wish there are shops in the city that sell plus size dresses and jeans just like in US and the UK, even online. It’s always a challenge to shop in Phnom Penh as most available are for the smaller sizes.

Gorgeous Emporio Armani jeans from thrifting!

I purchased this about a month ago  but I just can’t get over the excitement of getting a pair of gorgeous Emporio Armani velvet jeans in one of the thrift stalls in the public market near my apartment. Here it is:

It’s low-waist (ultra-low, perhaps!), flared, and dark-blue, with a zip-fly and five pockets. Although hugging my pata (thighs) a bit tight, it fits my waist and hips. I think with a few more kilos to lose, I’ll be able to wear this with confidence. I also love the details of the jeans:

I am not 100% sure if this is a genuine Emporio Armani, but the details are there.  But so what if it’s a fake, the material is so nice on the skin, soft and velvety and it looks really great.

I really don’t mind what people say about secondhand clothes or thrifting in general. And living in Cambodia where almost everywhere there are secondhand stalls is heaven for a thrift-hunter like me. It is true indeed that one man’s trash is another one’s treasure. Go follow me and my thrift-hunting adventures here at Good Thrift-hunting.

I want 008… Bag-ged Thoughts

I have to confess, I am a bag-hag {coughs}.

I actually had no inkling that I am, but a friend pointed this out to me, in a nice way, of course. Funny, but I never really thought of myself as a bag-hag, honestly. I’ve never bought any designer blogs at all. One tell-tale sign my friend noticed is that I buy bags every time we go thrift-hunting. Those bags are mostly in canvass; they’re eco-friendly, and great to use as shopping bags – a good alternative to plastic shopping bags, if I may add.

So anyway… now that my being a  bag-hag is now in the open, you won’t be surprised that this is my I want … entry for this week:

All I want is a nice “everyday-bag”… like this, but with long handles 🙂

I am torn between the chocolate colour, and the classic black.  And the navy blue, and cream. Whatever, I like all of them! Also, while OWSS – that’s online window shopping/surfing – I found another Longchamp bags that I heart. These two:

I like the red Hobo Bag – perfect for traveling because I can wear it across my body. It has a flat back pocket, an adjustable shoulder strap, and two front pockets along with the zipped main compartment. The Hand Bag, just like the first one above,  is just so me – only one small front pocket inside the bag and a main compartment – swak na swak lahat ng gamit at once.

Photo source: