After weeks of rain and gloomy weather, the sun came out today and gave us a wonderful day. I took advantage of the good weather — by doing the laundry! Hanging clothes out in the sun to dry, to me, is still the best. After the laundry, with a beautiful weather like today, my husband and I went on a day trip… errr, make that market trip.

It is very rare that my husband goes shopping, even for himself. Last Sunday he announced he needed new shirts, a pair of jeans and a pair of shoes. I didn’t dilly-dally anymore when he asked me to go with him today. Besides, I wanted to see what sort of stuff he likes and dislikes as I am planning to give him a birthday present. I know, I’m his wife but I’m very clueless about these things. His birthday is next month and very fast approaching. I dread another birthday coming and going without me giving him something. Two months ago, I had a very difficult time looking for a perfect anniversary gift for him.  Why is it that men’s anniversary gifts are such a challenge to find? Generally speaking, searching for gifts for men for all occasions are a challenge. It’s becoming harder every year, I tell you. Poor me, a hapless wife, always struggling to find something for my own husband. I think I better check out more online shopping sites for additional gift ideas for my man. For sure I can pick out something that he will really like,  hopefully, sooner.

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