A house guest and Rafael Nadal

Hi. Just a quick update from my side of the world.

The wind of change has come to our direction and there have been lots of changes in the homefront. All I can say is that they are all good.

A few weeks ago I received a word from a university roommate that she is coming to visit Cambodia and expressed her intent in staying at my house instead of a hotel. While I welcome the idea, I was hesitant because I have to ask my husband, who I shall call MisterDilis, if it is okay with him.

We have had guests in the past, including my former school pals and those who are from the Warmshowers.org, so it was a go. And in preparation for the arrival of our guest, we launched a spring cleaning of sorts, hahaha. Since it is still summer here and there are construction sites around us, we’re almost covered in dust. The frequent power cuts aren’t helping, too, as we have no power during the day. It’s a good thing MisterDilis lent a hand, a big help indeed, especially when it comes to repairing/replacing items at home. Good thing he owns a few pieces of cmm fixturing tools so it was not a big problem.

We are now 90% done with the preps. All we need are fresh beddings and I think we’re buying new ones early next week. We’re sort of in need of new ones, anyway.

In other news, my boy Rafael Nadal is through to another finals appearance at the Roland Garros. It’s Rafa’s 9th finals appearance and he is aiming for his 8th Roland Garros title.

Rafas winning moment by Rafaholics
Rafa’s winning moment. Photo by Rafaholics.com

He defeated Novak Djokovic, aka, HelmetBoi, in an incredibly testosterone-laden five set semi-finals last night. It’s so intense, with unbelievable shot-making tricks between the two, that one tennis analyst announced that it was the de-facto finals, hahaha.

The fifth set almost gave me a heart-attack! On the deciding (5th) set, each player with two set wins, and Rafa, down at 4-1, made an incredulous comeback from behind victory. I almost forgot that there was no tiebreaks on the fifth set; the first one to break the other wins the match. And Rafa, the tenacious, unrelenting, problem-solving matador from Spain, came out victorious at 9-7. Gosh, what an epic battle it was. You’d easily forget it was a semi finals match as both players fight tooth-and-nail against each other. It will go down as one of the most memorable semi final match in tennis history! This is the second time that Rafa denied HelmetBoi a shot at a Roland Garros title. Last year, these two met in the finals and, by now, you already know about last night’s match.

So tomorrow, Sunday, will be the real finals at the Roland Garros.  It’s going to be an all-Spanish final, with Rafa playing against compatriot David Ferrer. Coincidentally, this is David Ferrer’s first finals appearance after five tries, if I am not mistaken. I am pretty confident about Rafa’s chances against David. If you look at the H2H stats between the two, Rafa has a 19-4 win-loss record against David. But, I don’t trust figures that much. It’s only #InRafaWeTrust!
Well, should David win, it will be his first ever major title and, at 31 years old, he’ll be the oldest player to win so (next to Andre Agassi who, if memory serves me right, won the Australian Open in the early 2003 when he was 32). Besides, I welcome the sight of David lifting the RG trophy more than seeing HelmetBoi doing so.

It is no secret that I would love Rafa to bite and lift his 8th RG trophy. It gives him the lead in terms of the number of titles won in one major (ahead of Roger Federer and Pete Sampras who both have seven each of the Wimbledon titles to their names).

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