Coming back

Well, hello… September!
Blimey! Where have all the days gone?

I’m okay. My husband is okay. Pets all okay. BUT the days since my last post have really all gone by. SEPTEMBER again, and before we know it, DECEMBER is here! And we relocated! Again.

Although our wooden house in Boeung Tumpun was charming and all, we moved out and moved back to our old apartment in Toul Kork. It was great during the summer. We and the dogs loved it there – the space, the greenery, the laid-back lifestyle. However, things changed when the first monsoon rains have arrived – it flooded the surroundings and there was stench everywhere. And when it rains here in Phnom Penh – and it rains pretty up to December – the whole city becomes a water world. There is a lake, and a polluted one at that -just over a mile that spills over to our location when it rains. I wouldn’t dare imagine what it would’ve been like there had we stayed. Can you?

There was hesitation when we made our decision. Firstly, the house was lovely, so homey, and secondly, the landlord and his family landlords were great that when we first saw the house and met them, we immediately snapped it. Just as one would do to a hot commodity that has a Limited availability.

We had a great and memorable time there. We hosted touring cyclists twice in this house. Our dogs were able to meet and be with other dogs without any worries. The landlord and his family treated as like family, as well. However, some good things must come to an end… maybe someday we will build a similar house.

I was gone for more than a month again 🙁

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