Back again.

Hey, guys.
After a hundred or so years, I am back to blogging again.

I wasn’t really away. I was just around, lurking from a distance.
It’s because I am now working again – can you believe it?

I’m so glad that I am back into the working world again, so excited I want to grab a dave murray strat at guitar center — except that we don’t have one here 😛

operation smile cambodia singapore friendship mission in ratanakiri
A young patient with our Clinical Coordinator from China.

Anyways, my work requires me to be both in the office and in the field, too. We have 5-6 missions per year and in between those missions we spend at least two months for preparations for every mission. In fact, I just got back from a week-long field work in northeastern Cambodia, in Ratanakiri province, specifically. It was a tortuous 12-hour drive from Phnom Penh but it was very much well-worth the trip.

Overall, our fieldwork was a success! There was a large turnout of people during the screening day and we were able to provide free surgeries to a total of 79 people, out of the 120 that came for screening.

It is nice to be working again and nicer to see the results of our work before we leave the place. Pretty much a good reason to be celebrating, now if only I have that murray strat on hand to start the music rolling!

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