Dear blog…

I know it’s been a while since my last post… *cringe*

Yikes, my last post was dated March 13th. Yikes again.

Our breakfast fare - toast (not in the pic), butter, marmite and jam.
Our breakfast fare – toast (not in the pic), butter, marmite and jam.
DIY flower vase
These are what I used for that flower vase.

Did I tell you already that we moved to a new house? It’s close to my (now-former) workplace. It’s really lovely but what we love the most is that my husband and I can have breakfasts together at a leisurely pace. Gone are the days we just gulp our coffee and say hasty bye-byes before making our separate ways to work to beat the traffic. Nothing fancy, just the normal toast and jam but it’s the precious time we share before going about our day.

Anyways, I was thinking about my blog-absence after breakfast this morning. I can assure you though that I was hard at work during these, errmmm, “gap” moments. Plus, I have tons of crafts and DIY projects – unfinished, of course – that are lying around and not even one is ready for sharing. Darn. I’m not sure if if I’m the only one who has this problem. Have you?

While I was sat there pondering, my dog’s “zip line” got caught in the tall santan shrub when he chased another dog, our landlord’s. The leaves were torn and along with a cluster of red flowers fell on the ground. Not wanting to see the flower go to waste, grabbed some cotton thread, an old beer bottle and a stick to prop the clusters of santan. Nice, eh?

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