Dorky Steve Nash doing the happy dance


Here’s  a very funny ad of Phoenix Sun’s basketball superstar Steve Nash I found while browsing mindlessly online:



Nash is NBA’s player with the most assists (and the oldest at 37years old).  Not only that he is a basketball royalty, Steve Nash is that he is an advocate of the environment and is a spokesperson for renewable energy programs and conservation efforts in the state of Arizona. What I love about him is that he is so likable. And he is SO game to come out in a funny, dorky ad such as the one I posted above.

In this video ad for a car, it shows him cutting an old woman to grab a parking spot.  This is just too funny watching Nash doing the happy dance! I could not really imagine the Steve Nash, point guard extraordinaire of Phoenix Suns strutting and displaying fancy moves. He has the moves, alright. LOL. Now a thought crossed my mind… if he was wearing hip hop clothes for costume would the ad be even more hilarious? Just a thought. Anyways, watchitwatchitwatchit!!!

Now that’s he’s left the NBA, I wonder what is he going to do next? 

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