Eye-candy Rafa!

It is now the third round, Day 6, at the Australian Open and Rafael Nadal is playing today at 7pm Melbourne time – if my calculations are right, that’s 3pm, Phnom Penh time.  I’m so happy that the tournament is broadcast live over StarSports channel so no more livestreaming for me (woo-hoo!), unless, of course, something happens to our telly or to the local cable company *knocks on wood*

Rafa whizzed past his first two matches and he will be facing a younger Aussie brat, Bernard Tomic today.  I find Tomic to be a little arrogant, and he’s pretty much known to be so in the tennis circuit. His arrogance (perhaps over confidence?) probably went up over his head now that he is the only Australian man left in the tournament. Tsk.  Anyways, he is undeterred and believes he can bring down Nadal. Okay,  very ambitious words for someone who is ranked only 199th in the world, was given a wildcard in the AO, and, getting through the third round is the deepest he has ever been in any Grand Slam tournament. Nadal, on the other hand, owns only 9 Grand Slam titles. No teenager in tennis history has ever defeated a world number one.

So going back to Tomic  bringing Nadal down, we’ll see about that, matey!

Before I forget,  Rafa’s underwear ad campaign is already out. PinayWife shared with me two of his sexy pictures along with another model, Hollywood actress Megan Fox. I don’t like Megan Fox at all so I googled for other sources where she is not included – and voila! Here’s one I found from this site:

nadal jeans

Please click the picture for  (source) more Rafa’s Armani ad photos

Is it just me, or, Rafa looks different in this photo? Hmmm… he looks too polished… perhaps, too much air-brushing or photoshopping? But, oh, my goose-neck! I almost nose-bleed from looking at his pictures.  Gorgeous. Hot.

For those of you who want to see some Rafa live action but don’t have the AO matches broadcast on TV, here’s a link to a free livestreaming site: atdhe.net.

Enjoy the games!


2 thoughts on “Eye-candy Rafa!

  1. i died. just looking at those muscles. gahhh! its like he’s looking right at you. hahaha. we have it bad missusdilis.
    i could spend hours just looking at this, but hehe its not healthy.

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