Good news… maybe.

I was surfing merrily last night when I came across this online news that made me go “whoooaaa”.

Apparently, PhilHealth (aka, Philippine Health Insurance Corp.) is considering an electronic mode (via Internet) of filing claims for reimbursement of hospital bills that are incurred abroad, according to an article at the

Just by looking at the headline, the light bulb in my head turned ON thinking it is a good news for all OFWs (Overseas Filipino Workers) who are PhilHealth members like me. Electronic transactions could minimize administrative tasks, save time and money. Wow, convenient indeed, right? Why spend hours queuing up at the PhilHealth office when you can file your claims online? Just like getting an brand, you can, through a few clicks of your mouse. I am excited at the idea, of course, as you know that filing for claims personally in the Philippines, as it is, is a nightmare.

In theory, as a good friend puts it, it is a great idea utilizing ICT technology.   I just hope the system will be put in place appropriately and the people involved in this will be trained well, especially to respond to issues.  To be honest, I think despite which method PhilHealth will employ in filing for claims, there will  still be complaints from disgruntled members mostly about delays and/or denial of ‘legitimate’ claims. I think this should be looked into more by the PhilHealth.


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