Good to be back again.


I’m back again – yahooo – time for a celebration.  I’m thinking of coffee and muffins, with friends soon. *hint-hint*

It’s been a while since I last posted. Typical, if I may say, for most bloggers.  When I try to think about the reasons of my absence from blogging I actually realised that I don’t really have a good reason.

It’s just basically me getting distracted and procrastinating. Embarrassing.

Two weeks ago my husband “forced” me into getting my fat behind off the couch to do something. And that something is… gardening.   Actually the other option was to go to town to look for a good quality metal hose that he needed for his upcoming “home improvement project”.  I wasn’t really up to going out it so I chose to do the garden instead.

I know in my past posts I mentioned about the joy of gardening but, on a hot Saturday, I thought it was more of a chore and a very exhausting one. How’s that, you ask? Try deadheading rose flowers and grooming and re-arranging your garden on a high noon!  We finished at about a little over 2pm,  but my husband wished we could’ve done more. Gah,gusto ko na siyang batukan! hahaha.

Here are some photos. You might think we have a jungle in our veranda 🙂


You can find Joe (our supervisor) and his story in this blog, My Dogspot.

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