Gorgeous Emporio Armani jeans from thrifting!

I purchased this about a month ago  but I just can’t get over the excitement of getting a pair of gorgeous Emporio Armani velvet jeans in one of the thrift stalls in the public market near my apartment. Here it is:

It’s low-waist (ultra-low, perhaps!), flared, and dark-blue, with a zip-fly and five pockets. Although hugging my pata (thighs) a bit tight, it fits my waist and hips. I think with a few more kilos to lose, I’ll be able to wear this with confidence. I also love the details of the jeans:

I am not 100% sure if this is a genuine Emporio Armani, but the details are there.  But so what if it’s a fake, the material is so nice on the skin, soft and velvety and it looks really great.

I really don’t mind what people say about secondhand clothes or thrifting in general. And living in Cambodia where almost everywhere there are secondhand stalls is heaven for a thrift-hunter like me. It is true indeed that one man’s trash is another one’s treasure. Go follow me and my thrift-hunting adventures here at Good Thrift-hunting.

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