Gotta have this!


Looks great, isn’t it?
I felt it is about time to retire my old, dependable bag and find a suitable replacement. For several weeks now, since regaining my purchasing power recently (thanks to the man I call Sheriff!), I’ve been browsing the net for tote bags, or any kind of bag, that is comfortable for everyday casual use. When I saw this at my blogger-friend Josiet’s blog, I knew right there and then that I have finally met THE bag for me. It’s not the kind that has screaming logos on it (no offense to monogram lovers) but it kind of prompts you to look at this bag twice because of the simple clean of lines of the design. The size is just right, big enough to carry my daily essentials, and most of all, the price doesn’t burn my wallet.
So I asked a huge favor from Josiet and arranged for her to purchase it on my behalf as she goes to Manila this week. I am so glad that she kindly agreed, even if it means having to squeeze in her already-tight schedule a trip to the Megamall, or wherever the GAP store in Manila is.
Gracias tanto, el querida amiga. Espero volver el favor en el futuro próximo.

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