Health worries – gah!

Great – just a few days before Christmas and more than a week into the New Year and I am not feeling well. Last week I was complaining of headaches, nausea, and heart palpitations.worried-woman-217x300 Had a quick visit to the doctor two days ago and found out that I have a slight high blood pressure. Is it too much salt in my meal? Caffeine, cholesterol? Or I probably have the “white coat syndrome”, you know, being nervous around doctors and causes my BP to go up?  Whatever.

The doctor said slight, but still it worries me. For one, my health insurance has just expired and getting a good insurance like the NC Blue Cross Blue Shield my friend has in the US is simply unaffordable if it’s not covered by your employer.

What a time to get sick, eh! At my  age, health stuff like this worries me a lot. Perhaps I worry too much. Sometimes seeing the doctor makes it worse because I get all mental.

2 thoughts on “Health worries – gah!

  1. At my  age, health stuff like this worries me a lot
    Hmm, I think we’re on the same age, even lack of sleep worries me that I always think that my health deteriorates due to lack of sleep lol! well of course it’s possible.

    1. Ann, that’s true… we really have to put our health on top of our priority list at our age. Walang bukingan sa edad ha! *lol*

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