Hello… but what bug are you?

I was invited to join Aziza’s Place’s field trips two weeks ago. We visited a farm in Sre Ampil in Kandal, less than an hour from Phnom Penh and we took a rented bus to go there. Thank God for the rented bus, otherwise, it would be very difficult to manage more than twenty energetic kids if we were all on a motorcycles. We’d  be needing lots of helmets.

Anyway, it was a day full of adventure, fun, and laughter with the kids at Aziza. It’s a beautiful green place with lotus-filled lakes and ponds where the kids enjoyed fishing, catching crabs, and just exploring! We had barbecue for lunch and the kids played soccer and volleyball, too.

What I enjoyed most was exploring the field. It reminded me so much of my childhood adventures! Walking through the green field with lots of kangkong (morning glory) and water hyacinths, among others, this golden beauty flew in front of me and landed on my husband’s jeans. I had never seen anything like this before.

I am not exactly a bug fan as most bugs I encounter, e.g. cockroaches, centipedes, etc., are the kind that I detest. But this golden creepy is such a beauty I just had to take a photo. A quick Internet search and I found out that it’s called a Golden Tortoise  Beetle.  This tiny gold droplet has a suction cup-like shell – almost like a clear hard hat – only that the shell feels like a baby’s fingernail.  After several seconds of close scrutiny, the shell opened in the centre and the golden bug flew away. Beautiful, eh?

Cambodia has a lot of interesting species here – imagine what you will see in those thick forests of Cardamon, Ratanakiri, Mondolkir, etc? That is, if they’re not destroyed yet.

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