PMSing but not despicable… I hope

Welcome to my new blog, In the Company of Me – A PMS-guided blog.

Be afraid... be very afraid!

Don’t fret though, this is not all about tampons, sanitary pads with wings and such! This is just my small nook where, you know, I can rant and rave like a giggly teen-aged girl, bitch and blow up petty little things out of nowhere, and then later on return to normal… you get the picture.

And the best part is – I am loving my new host, my new look, everything! This may be a revamped version of My Miscellany hosted at Blogspot but I am embracing the positive and funky vibes here at WP. What do you think?

As for the PMSing, only nature and time can tell… If I don’t live up to the blog title, please be kind. All forms of feedback are welcomed and accepted but I expect you to observe courtesy and decency. I’m not the one who’d easily jump into the bushes or bury my head into the sand, but if I go quiet from time to time, that means I am out looking for the perfect murder weapon to whack the bad mouths who visit here. So there.

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