Help meeeee!

I need all the help I can get – puhlease!
I’ve gotten so lax when it comes to dieting. After the Pchum Ben holiday, I became so lazy and didn’t stick to my so-called plan for over two weeks now. I ignored the small voices in my head but when I tried on my pants over the weekend, I was mortified that it doesn’t fit me anymore and I looked like a muffin. Que horror.

But my husband says the curves are still there – hahaha – and I hope these curves are in the right places! I think it’s going to be like this from now on. No more fighting, just accept the changes my body is undergoing. There are plus-size models, too, I know, so I’m taking a cue from them. So that means doing away with the old clothes to make space for new ones that are in my current size. In times like this I wish there are shops in the city that sell plus size dresses and jeans just like in US and the UK, even online. It’s always a challenge to shop in Phnom Penh as most available are for the smaller sizes.

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