Here we go again…

We were just enjoying a noise-free Khmer New Year in our neighbourhood for several days when, today, much to our surprise, we were jolted out of our seats when our neighbour who’s just back from the province began belting out songs, karaoke-style. And by the sound of it, the whole family has joined in! Not only the loud, off-key singing, but the unpleasant “wow-ing”, “popping”, and “hissing” sounds coming from an old karaoke system that gets to me. Must have been battered from the looong and frequent use, I say. Have they noticed that the sound quality has gone bad?

Yes, I imagine them doing something like this.

   Clip Art Source: Story Museum

Oh, dear Santa, I will not ask anything from you this coming Christmas but please send a new Avid sound system to my neighbour instead. And once they have a decent sound system, I might join them in their karaoke sessions. Okay, I’m only joking on the joining in part. I could not sing for the life of me. Even if I am from the Philippines, not everyone there can sing, you guys! I sweat a lot and get panic attacks every time someone suggests that I do. Seriously.

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