Here’s why I like watching Grey’s Anatomy again

Great Scott! It’s Kevin McKidd! *pardon my girlish streak*

Move over McDreamy and McSteamy… 

Time to roll the red carpet and make way for Dr. Owen Hunt, played by the carrot-top Scottish actor Kevin McKidd. The character was recently introduced in Grey’s Anatomy, and already, his strong-minded Army surgeon character shook things up at Seattle Grace Hospital upon his arrival. His character is so angst-anger-emo-ridden, a tortured soul, could be attributed to his painful past in war-ravaged Iraq which he plays so convincingly. 

Little did I know that Kevin McKidd is the same actor who played Tommy, a character in one of my favorite movies, Trainspotting.  Tommy, a footballer-turned-heroin-addict,  was one of Renton’s mates, the lead character played by another Scott actor Ewan McGregor.

In Grey’s Anatomy, there is something going on between him and Dr. Yang, another strong-minded character, and I feel that it is going to be a  rocky, roller-coaster experience between the two. I so love the scene in last night’s episode where he revealed to Dr. Yang about the death of his whole unit during his last tour in Iraq, and kissed Yang again after telling her he doesn’t need her. Gah.  

Kevin McKidd definitely doesn’t have the boy-next-door looks but his ruggedly handsome appeal and intense looks make me compare him to Daniel Craig – although I like Kevin much, much more than Daniel. There is an aura about him that makes girls go oooommpph!  Don’t you agree with me?

3 thoughts on “Here’s why I like watching Grey’s Anatomy again

  1. hmm, he’s a hottie Z! Rugged looking, very masculine ang dating.. I haven’t watched the current season of Grey’s Anatomy, hehe tinatamad ako at may kaagaw rin sa tv

  2. I don’t know why I’m attracted to ruggedly handsome boylets, amigas! *lol* And carrot-tops! Pssst, don’t tell the husband. Go, go, watch Grey’s Anatomy. I heard the season finale is a heart-stopper 🙂

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