Howdy, from the banks of the Mekong

We recently acquired a lease for an apartment close to the Mekong river.  It’s merely 12kms away from where we currently live but the new place has a pleasant semi-urban feel to it. We do not intend to leave our current apartment; rather we are going to use the new apartment as our rest-house. Sort of a place for a weekend hideaway, away from the hustle-bustle of the city and enjoy the village-life.

There are no supermarkets, only small, family-owned shops and they’re practically everywhere. No malls, away from the noisy restaurants and karaoke bars. It is very quiet there with only the sound of the birds, chickens, old women shrieking at kids (just practically anyone, really). Far away from the artificial pintech electronic drums at guitar center. We are really happy to find a place that’s not too far out of the city but has the village-charm to it!

The apartment is a modern, Khmer-style unit (two bedrooms, three toilet and bath rooms, and mightly spacious kitchen!) and within the compound of the landlord and his already-married children. So you could say we are secure in a sense that the landlord is just close by. Here’s a picture of the swing that’s in the garden.

swing and garden

What I also love about it is that we are surrounded by lots of trees. At the back of the apartment, there is one huge lime tree that I am keeping an eye on. I see limeade! LOL!

Will post more pics later.

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