I heart the “I Heart Logistics” Jingle

I  have a confession to make.

I am LSS*-ing on this commercial jingle these days. The melody is catchy and the lyrics are brilliant. You know, the song that you tend to hit the “repeat” button in your player over and over? I find myself flying across the room to turn the volume up whenever it plays on TV.

It perpetually plays in my head and makes me hum non-stop. Oh yes, just humming, PinayWifeSpeaks, tee-hee-hee.  Due to security threats, mostly to me,  I’d rather refrain from singing it loud than risk imminent household attack from upset husband and pets and irate neighbours.

Don’t tell me you haven’t seen and heard it yet? My goodness, it’s been played almost everywhere and in different languages, too.  Here is the full version of the jingle. Listen to this:

The “I Heart Logistics” jingle is part of the global ad campaign of the same name of UPS, conceived by Ogilvy and Mather, one of the world’s advertising giants, and implemented for print, broadcast and online media. Through the cute, smooth, playful voice of Nadia Ackerman, an Australian artist, the UPS jingle explains to us what is logistics and why we should love it. Prior to this I haven’t heard of Nadia Ackerman and, I think, the jingle is a fantastic introduction to her and her music. I want to listen to more of Nadia Ackerman’s music. I love her already!

Although I’ve never used UPS yet (can’t afford the fees!), the bouncy, happy, positive feeling I get from listening to the jingle goes on and on in my head and makes me want to go to their office, for some reason, and just, well, send something. *lol*  Take note: message delivery successful!  I can totally understand why, although I find it creepy, the girl jumped at that UPS delivery guy for some reason. (He must be cute, too!) It’s the jingle in your head.  It makes you lighthearted and do things without thinking. You know, the kind of feeling that makes some people break out in a song out of the blue! *lol*

Here are the lyrics for the I HEART LOGISTICS jingle. Set to the tune of Dean Martin’s classic “That’s Amore” . Now boys and girls, clear your throats… and sing with me:

When it’s planes in the sky

For a chain of supply

That’s logistics.

When the parts for the line

Come precisely on time

That’s logistics.

A continuous link

That is always in sync

That’s logistics.

Carbon-footprint reduced

Bottom line gets a boost

That’s logistics.

With new ways to compete

There’d be cheers on Wall Street

That’s logistics.

When technology knows right

Where everything goes

That’s logistics.

Bells will ring, ring-a-ding

Ring-a-ding, ring-a-ding

That’s logistics.

There will be no more stress

Cause you’ve called U-P-S

That’s logistics.


Now, one more time 😛

11 thoughts on “I heart the “I Heart Logistics” Jingle

  1. hahaha! matinding LSS to.. You’ll be needing logistics lol! Seriously though I love Nadia Ackerman’s voice. Husky and very distinct. She’s on my to search and download music list pag may time ako..

  2. Hi there Z, I was upset the whole day and this video and the song just made me smile, thank you girl.. love the places where they filmed it.

    I think I use UPS once to send my daughter’s camera, my goodness. I almost cried when I got my bill.  The cost is almost the same price of the camera.  The good thing though, they dropped it directly at my parent’s house so, no hassle of going to the post office and be pestered by some crocodiles, they did that when my sister in Australia sent my other sister a camera too and the guy, who’s supposed to hand her the cam asked her for 2K so she can get her camera.

    I am glad that you have not forgotten me (lol) welcome to your new blog as well. And thanks for the kind words you left at my blog.  Anthony is doing an excellent job on his therapy 🙂

  3. OMG, can’t imagine paying the UPS fees myself! But of course, you get what you paid for — the camera was delivered safely and in one pieice into the hands of your daughter. And no more under-the-table-fees for those crocodiles!

    The song has a positive vibe and makes you feel good – I’m glad you felt that. I can’t help but humming it over and over and my husband just smiles whenever he hears me. Of course naman you are remembered. We are, after all, blog-sisters! Glad to hear Anthony’s doing a good job – kayang-kaya ‘yan. Keep on keeping on.

  4. Za , Im loving this as well every time I hear from the TV I stop what i do and watch and hear.. cute and song talaga Im thinking of downloading it and make a ring tone ringer to mo mobile phone. Her voice was so sweet and clear…
    Kahit nagwawalis ka parang napapakanta ka at napapasayaw ka….. luv it !

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