I live in the wrong city!

No, I don’t think or say the above thought very often but when I saw my Doha-based friend giving away free tickets to the ATP Doha tennis tournament last week, I knew right away that I was living in the wrong city! I cried and kicked and screamed and swore at the thought that I could’ve the chance of a lifetime of watching my boy Rafael Nadal and other professional tennis players play live in person, FOR FREE, had I  not been living somewhere else. Major bummer.

I sat huffing and puffing, while looking for free live-streaming channels over the Internet. It wasn’t that difficult to find, but still, watching a tennis match live is nothing compared to watching it on a telly screen, let alone on a tiny laptop monitor with players the size of Thumbelina and Tom Thumb.

Well, anyway I was able to watch two of Rafa’s games (one against Lacko, and another one against Ernest Gulbis), plus the semis-match against the Russian Nikolay  Davydenko. It was unfortunate that Rafa had the flu when he came to Doha. It absolutely drained off all his energy, especially in the semis match, where he played almost “crawling” till the end. I could not believe he still pushed through with his matches when he was nursing a fever and soaking wet with sweat at some point.  Rafa has had several off-tournament engagements and I think it was a mistake accepting all of them. His flu (or whatever bug that was) must be the direct result of his lack of rest and all that change of climate. While we can breath in relief that it is not his knees – a major, major concern for the forthcoming Australian Open – still, he needed a major rest with some quality rub with balm or vapour rub – (Oh, Ana, do you want to do the rubbing?) And in case you didn’t know, he still went on to play the doubles and won the championship title. Can you believe this guy?  You gotta give this boy two thumbs up for honoring his commitments even when he is clearly ill. *sigh* I don’t know of any other tennis player who puts their fans through helluva rollercoaster ride like Rafa does.

My  husband reminded me not to get too excited or worked out lest my blood pressure shots up again. *Now my BP has become a laughingstock at home, tsk…* So to calm myself, I looked at pictures of Rafa that my friend took when she watched the matches. Thankfully, she allowed me to use her photos here – muchas gracias, Sheryll.




Did I already mention here that Rafa is the new body, errr, face of Giorgio Armani underwear? Well, then, I am telling you now – he is the newest model, replacing Cristiano Ronaldo and David Beckham. Wooot! I wonder if he needed more stomach weight loss just to prep  himself up for the photo-shoot? His billboards, by the way, will be on display in February in the major fashion capitals of the world. So dear friends, be careful when you drive. Look straight and don’t stop in the middle of the traffic and stare. *lol*

Anyways, underwear modeling aside, I would never ever get bored or tired watching Rafa play tennis but all I wish for him is to keep fit, healthy, well-rested, and motivated all throughout the year. And he’s got to learn from his mistakes and listen to his body.

*All photos published in this post courtesy of my good friend Sheryll Saupan-Pacer who is now based in Doha, Qatar.



10 thoughts on “I live in the wrong city!

  1. Maybe, you should seriously consider coming here in Doha next year for a visit. I can be a good host to you 🙂 We’ll find all the free tickets we can have.

    Thanks for using my photos. I just wanted to share these with you. :)))

    1. She, I will surely take your offer! hahaha.
      Now my mission is to find the means how to get to Doha ;P
      Thank you very much for sharing Rafa’s awesome photos.

  2. Wow, good thing you have your friend who is ready to take some pictures for you. Great shots she has there. Anyway thanks for the visit in my site.

    1. Yes, it’s great to have friends around the world! hahaha.

      You’re welcome, Anne… from now on let’s visit each other’s blogs regularly =)

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    1. Have you seen Rafa play live in person? C O O L! I’m still dreaming about the day I see him play live! *lol* Will sure visit your blogs soon! Thanks.

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