I want…001: A Nintendo Wii

My friend Josiet recently started her own meme called I Want… I kind of like the idea itself and plus the fact that you are not obliged to visit other people’s blogs, I decided to give it a try.

So what do I want?

At this very moment, I want a Nintendo Wii.

I’m not an avid gamer, but, having played tennis and bowling on Wii over at Josiet’s house just recently, I can see why she and her husband are hooked into it.

Okay, I don’t know how old this kid is, but he’s really cute and funky playing tennis on Wii. I myself enjoyed it — it was fun — how much more this kid?!? I broke out in sweats just only about 5minutes into the game. It is a pretty cool thought to have one at home and that I, being stay-at-home-wife and constantly seeking ways to lose weight, could play games on Wii that could potentially give me the exercise I need to be fit. Additionally, there is also Wii Fit Plus, these are additional exercise games that combines fun and exercise. Now that is just what I need.

Dear Santa and/or Sheriff (whoever reads this first! hahaha), please give me one, please?

8 thoughts on “I want…001: A Nintendo Wii

  1. This meme is a nice idea, I have lots of I WANT 🙂

    welcome back you! so how’s the raket? mayaman na ba? lol

    Just so you know, I am not blogging at allthingslovely anymore. I can’t maintain two blogs especially with almost the same niche 🙂

    I am glad that you’re back and btw, Ms. Toe is back to blogging na rin and she is currently in Russia.

  2. Hi Ann, thank you for visiting.
    Oo nga, napansin ko nga na dini-direct ako dun sa isa mong blog. I love your recent photos – kakainggit ang mga kuha mo. I wish I had your kind of camera. Napansin ko nga din na back to blogging na rin si Toe.
    Hus, di naman ako yumaman, konti lang hahaha. May pambili na ako ng mga I WANT ko hihihi.

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