I want… 002: A new TV

I already know the things I would love to have for Christmas. Last week, I told you about Wii.
Then as I watched telly at home, my attention was turned to the discolouration on the upper left hand side of the telly. And then it struck me, betchabygollywow! our television is but near the end of its life 🙁

Oh noes!!! Houston, we have a major, major problem!
How can I enjoy my Wii bowling when half of the screen is blue-green? Or worse, I cringe at the thought of playing tennis against the husband soundless, without the taunts and teases when playing Wii tennis? Where’s the excitement there?

My husband and I agreed that it’s about time we get a new telly and the old one to be put to retirement soon.

So for this week’s I want… ta-daaaaaa!!

… or something similar =)
A friend told me that this month is the perfect time to buy a new TV set, flat screen or otherwise, because many department stores will hold special sales promotion to coincide with the Water Festival in the Penh. Okay, it’s not like the Black Friday in the US but there will be great discounts and deals and also we can bargain well once we know the prices in other stores =)

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4 thoughts on “I want… 002: A new TV

  1. Congratulations!!! We went for a TV upgrade a while ago too. Our new one is an LCD widescreen. We also changed from a sit on the lounge with a “Just push the buttons” Playstation to a more physically involved Wii. They are so much fun

    1. Hi Tony!
      I don’t have the Wii yet but it’s coming just in time for Christmas. The TV will be here in a week or two so we are slowly getting there towards enjoying Wii games. I know it’s fun, and I think my husband will be hooked too.

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