I want… 006

1. Naturally Upper Canada Peppermint Foot Soak

Naturally Upper Canada Peppermin Foot Soak

I walk a lot and have neglected to take good care of my foot – I want this peppermint soak to soothe my tired feet for starters. This product promises to smoothen, hydrate and soften the calluses of your hard-working feet. It’s about time I turn my attention to my weary footsies.

Available at Amazon.com.


2. Lumen Oil Candle Shadow Projector

Shadow Wall Art Candles This oil candle casts an eerie shadow from a tiny, stainless steel tree. The shadow of the trees move slowly as the flame flickers giving you the impression of a rustling tree branches. If you look at the picture, the shadow of the gnarly  branches on the wall reminds me of Tim Burton’s movies.

It is perfect for me to use every time we have power cuts at night time, which occurred frequently this week. It comes in pairs of odourless, clean-burning liquid wax lasting 17hours each and in four different tree varieties – pine and bloom, cedar, nest and magnolia. This product is from Lumen Oil Candle company.  It’s available at gift.com. Please click the photo for more details about the product.

3.  Sugar and creamer set from Uncommon Goods.com



I so love this one – hand-painted ceramic pottery from Heide Fahrenacher with charming geometric patterns and colour combinations. Perfect to hold your sugar and creamer while adding special touch to your breakfast or tea time.

2 thoughts on “I want… 006

  1. i lurve the candle! naalala ko nung unang panahon pagbumabagyo sa bicol and blackout we spend a lot of time with hand shadows using candles..
    ps. sis pls link mycraftingden.info blog to ur crafting blog =) tenk u

    1. Yes, we play with our shadows, too, every time we had blackouts din sa Roxas. Not only do the candles provide light, they also give some form of “entertainment”… hihihi. Sure, will add yours to craft blog… which reminds me, I need to update na rin.

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