I want… 007: Telling True Stories

OMG, it’s Thursday already tomorrow! It feels like Monday evening only to me. Why is that?

Anyways, I want to pick up on the I Want… meme. I can’t believe the last post I have of this was Dec 16 of last year. Well, starting this week, I resolve to carry on with this simple meme from Mumsified.

This week and the past weeks I have been searching on the net about writing non-fictions. It even led me to online degree programs on writing non-fiction and research that are interesting but too expensive for me. For some reason, I have this itch to continue on improving my writing skills even at my age.

So this is the book that I want…

telling stories cover

More details at Amazon.com
Click image for image source.

Reading the reviews on Amazon makes me want this more! I want it… pronto!
This book is a practical advise, or a guidebook, for aspiring writers by  America’s most respected and most prominent journalists and non-fiction authors such as Nora Ephron, Tom Wolfe, David Halberstam, among many others. Now, how many of you have heard of the Nora Ephron? And Tom Wolfe?? Well, you better search these names on the Internet and find out about them. This book is a must-have for it does not only discuss the elements of storytelling but also deals with information gathering, thinking, and much, much more.

I’ll try to look for this at Monument or Boston bookstores and other secondhand bookshops in the city. Or better yet, I could get a copy from Amazon, if they accept PayPal. Otherwise, I think I know who to ask this from 😀 😀 😀

6 thoughts on “I want… 007: Telling True Stories

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    1. Yes, Sam… we should always be honest and tell the truth, no matter what the consequences are. Not only does it apply to journalists in doing their jobs but also to common people like us, be it writing for our  blogs or in dealing with life. After all, truth will set us free, right?

  2. how much is this manay? it looks interesting.. i wish I know how to tell stories, it tickles me pink to think and imagine writing a book. fiction or real. I think its difficult but one can try di ba..
    true. we should always tell the truth. lies can get tangled and hurt people and in the end the one who lies only loses..

    1. Manay, less than $10 siya sa Amazon – not sure if used or new. I’ll check at Monument Bookstore kung meron, if not I’m thinking of asking *someone* to check overseas 😀
      Yes, telling the truth is difficult indeed but at least we should show some effort to set things right. Amen. hahahahha.

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