I want 008… Bag-ged Thoughts

I have to confess, I am a bag-hag {coughs}.

I actually had no inkling that I am, but a friend pointed this out to me, in a nice way, of course. Funny, but I never really thought of myself as a bag-hag, honestly. I’ve never bought any designer blogs at all. One tell-tale sign my friend noticed is that I buy bags every time we go thrift-hunting. Those bags are mostly in canvass; they’re eco-friendly, and great to use as shopping bags – a good alternative to plastic shopping bags, if I may add.

So anyway… now that my being a  bag-hag is now in the open, you won’t be surprised that this is my I want … entry for this week:

All I want is a nice “everyday-bag”… like this, but with long handles 🙂

I am torn between the chocolate colour, and the classic black.  And the navy blue, and cream. Whatever, I like all of them! Also, while OWSS – that’s online window shopping/surfing – I found another Longchamp bags that I heart. These two:

I like the red Hobo Bag – perfect for traveling because I can wear it across my body. It has a flat back pocket, an adjustable shoulder strap, and two front pockets along with the zipped main compartment. The Hand Bag, just like the first one above,  is just so me – only one small front pocket inside the bag and a main compartment – swak na swak lahat ng gamit at once.

Photo source: Longchamp.com

8 thoughts on “I want 008… Bag-ged Thoughts

  1. Z, I was contemplating on buying the black one with short handle. I like the look of it. Kaso, gusto ko kase yung nakasabit sa shoulders ko kaya I went with the long handle.

    Gow, buy ka na. Meron kaya online with delivery here in PP? HEhehe

    1. Sam, I’m really on the verge of giving in… *lol* Though I don’t like the idea of buying it online… there has to be another way. Kelan kayo ulit pupunta ng KL or SG? hihihi.

  2. i love that bag..it’s so spacious..however its expensive for me..in the Philippines a lot of imitations are widely sold in public..but i haven’t opted one..it is because I have no budget to buy it this time 🙁

    1. Sheng, I’m also reining myself to purchase this bag. But it sure looks nice, ‘no? Someday we’ll have one 🙂

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