I want… 009: A House-on-Wheels

Okay, please allow me to be a bit “dreamy” about my want this week. This “I Want …” post is partially the result of my daydreaming and of the discussions of my university batch in Facebook Groups.

Most of my batchmates have traveled around and the pictures they’ve posted not only served as evidence of their travels but also as “envy” points for some. I myself have traveled to various parts in Asia, and, unlike my batch-mates, I was fortunate enough to travel differently from them. While they travel by planes mostly, I traveled by buses, trains, boat, in addition to airplanes (when not traveling officially), to go to another country. How fun is that? I love traveling this way because I am actually immersing myself in the culture. True, planes can take you to your destination faster and without so much hustle-bustle… but to me it lacks the adventurous spirit that you have while traveling by land. There is so much excitement, thrill and anticipation when traveling overland. You can stop anytime you want to, have a look at what’s in the market, or have a walk in the village and exchange pleasantries with the locals. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me!

bus For this reason alone, when my husband and I have already settled somewhere and have kids, I want to have a motor home like this one, on the left. Awesome, isn’t it? It’s like a traveling house or a house-on-wheels! It’s called a motor home! We can travel together as a family and bring all  that we need without having to worry about excess baggage and such. *lol*  And, oh, what fun will it be? All it takes is a full-tank and several gallons of reserved gasoline. Plus, whenever the engine breaks down, there’s always a motor home repair available while on the road. That is, in Europe and North America at least. I think it will take some more time before R and I could own one, but there’s no harm in dreaming about it, ‘no?

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