I want … 010: Gadgets and games

I missed last week’s I want meme so I’m going to double my entries today.

I was browsing through my friend’s Facebook photo albums and oohed and aahed over her photos. Unlike many others who have joined the digital photography bandwagon, she and a few others have remained analog. The pictures they took are so vintage-looking and the colours are quirky. And I have to admit, in this age of digital technology and ps3 games,  this analog photography love-affair kind of rubbed on me. I am secretly wishing to have a an instamatic camera (just like what my mum had back in the 80s), any lomo camera, or a Diana mini soon… like this one:



or this handsome Polaroid over here:



The cameras are so cute, aren’t they? Who said old-fashioned photography is out? In today’s world of digital imagery, it is still so IN and so COOL and churns out AWESOME photos with nostalgic, retro look!

Please, oh please… these are all I want for …errmm… my birthday?

4 thoughts on “I want … 010: Gadgets and games

  1. hayyy manay were in the same dilemma. the last time i posted about the polaroid cam like that, i hanged about the polaroid site for a day hahaha. di ko mabitawan. we sooo want it but its not practical. hayy tayo na lang magimport at magbenta ng film?

    1. Ay, oo, I remember that post of yours. I even commented e. hihi. That’s a good idea, Manay… should we explore more? I know of someone who is using film for his camera but he is in SRP. I think there’s a market knowing how artsy these people are in SRP.

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