I want 011… a computer cabinet!

It’s been awhile since I last posted something for the I want… meme. It’s not that I don’t want anything anymore — it’s just I was busy with some projects in the past few weeks (one of them was the live webcam I posted earlier), mostly computer-based projects. My trusty old laptop was  on heavy-duty the whole time, and I wonder, if it needs some kind of “treat” just like we the users need after working hard. I could imagine it silently screaming for the much needed pampering after all those nights of tapping the keyboard! LOL.

And so I thought, if I were to put myself in my laptop’s “case”, what would it need? I racked my brain for some ideas – well, it’s not easy, ‘no? But then, the light bulb in my head just turned on. The answer is just there, in front of me. Simple.  I need a good computer cabinet – for my laptop’s protection, of course! Sounds silly but actually it is important to have some kind of protection to our laptops and desktops, for longer life, you know.

And this is what I found (see on the left) – looks good, isn’t it? It has a foldable “tray” and the colour looks nice. It seems to  have a space at the back for hard-copy files to store in and a place to clip your notes. I like it… how about you?

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