I’m back, folks!

I could not believe I’ve left this blog in limbo…
I was a bit busy looking busy last week, that’s why! *lol*

Seriously, I had a lot of errands and I also accepted a short report-editing gig for a local NGO. While I stayed home to do the editing, I had to on the phone or online all the time in case I had questions or clarifications regarding the said report. Time flew so quickly when you are busy… and well, I’m just glad that the document is done and I had a little compensation for my time.

So now I’m back again and I had a bit of excitement waiting for me. One of my nieces, a cousin’s daughter and a favourite of mine, sent me her J/S prom pictures.  She was wearing a short but age-appropriate prom dress in girly light pink colour. These days, finding prom dresses 2011 is as easy as a pie. My cousin (her mum) said she chose it herself – wow, she has a good taste!

I still could not believe my eyes what I was seeing – I used to baby sit this girl when she was a toddler! And how she loved it when I took her for a “spin” until we both got dizzy. And now she’s blossomed into a dusky and pretty looker! And I… errmmm, got older.

Gosh, I feel so old  🙁

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