I'm still here, just lying low

If you know me all too well, you would know why I haven’t updated the past few days.
The ATP Rogers Cup in Toronto is underway! Finally, after more than a month of waiting since the Wimbledon championships, we now have photos and presses and tennis action from mi amore Rafael Nadal. Never mind the time difference between Toronto and Phnom Penh tee-hee-hee. And the Canadian press are totally in love with Rafa:
Toronto’s snarled Friday afternoon rush-hour traffic?
No problem when you’re the world’s best tennis player — and an international heartthrob — in town for the Rogers Cup.
Photo Source: The Rogers Cup Photos – Official Draw with Rafael Nadal
The tournament kicked off with Rafa participating in the tournament draw held at the CN tower. Prior to this, my friend Ana sent me a link to the lovemeansnothing.ca site. It is Tennis Canada’s site promoting the live webcast of the tournament’s draw with Rafa in attendance. And it got me excited — I wondered what kind of Rafa action was going to happen (aside from taking part in the draw, of course)? Will he jump off the CN tower afterwards?
Anyways, Rafa did appear but no jumping off the tower happened. He was given a hockey shirt (looks good on him but not really the kind of shirt we want to see on him, do we?hihihih) and a mini-replica of the the CN tower. After the draw, he was whisked away by a helicopter and taken to the York University’s Rexall Centre, the site of Rogers Cup, for a practice session.
Photo Source: Fan photos from the Rogers Cup
Okay, I’ve gotten over the initial surprise about Rafa’s teaming up with Novak Djokovic for the doubles matches. According to tennis record books, Rafa-Nole (coined by the press as Rafole), it is only the second time in tennis history that the #1 and #2 players have teamed up – the first was in 1976 with Jim Connors teaming up with Arthur Ashe. But Rafole was denied a win by the young Canadian team. Despite missing the match (I spent hours and hours looking for a live webcast) I agree with Ana that although the Rafole team up created quite an excitement and huge interest, the first round loss was a blessing in disguise so that the two could better concentrate on their singles games.
After the pair’s first round loss, are we going to see them again as doubles partner in the future? That remains to be seen. Can’t wait for Rafa to play  his first round match tomorrow, 6.30am Phnom Penh time. It is going to be a sleep-deprivation week for Ana and I, but for sure, seeing Rafa’s smile and dimples popping in and out — and a win —  will be enough to get us both through the week.

5 thoughts on “I'm still here, just lying low

  1. Take your time, hubby is more important more than anything else 🙂

    I only watched Rafa when i was in Singapore, my brother in law is a real fan of sports and we always watch tennis almost everyday together at the house.

    Here in Canada, they only watch Hockey or baseball, that’s all.

  2. Ann, lucky you to have seen Rafa in person! I would really, really love to see him play live, and perhaps one or two photo opps with him would be great. I am such a fan girl!

    I was supposed to go to Canada in 2007 for a company sponsored training but didn’t push through, much to my chagrin. I was utterly excited that I even made a list of what to do while I’m there — and it included watching a hockey game live. Oh well…

  3. i missed rafa! when we were in bicol i couldn’t tune in to any sports channel. mas malakas si chinks eh hehe so cartoons always end up getting the winning vote and i can’t do streaming din.

  4. Lui, Rafa already exited the Rogers Cup 🙁 I didn’t get to watch it kasi it’s 2am na sa PP but I had Ana sending me updates via my FB wall. Judging from her posts, Murray dominated Rafa, breaking his serves and there was one controversial call that Rafa didn’t contest. I wonder why. But anyways, there’s still the Cincinnati Masters Open before the US Open. I really hope he performs better.

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