I’m still here…

It’s so quiet from my end the past weeks but I’m still here…

The US Open Tennis Tournament is already half-way but for some reason I kind of not feeling it despite the unfolding drama and controversy. I’m glad though that my¬† boy Rafael Nadal, the defending champion, is still in contention despite the many issues surrounding his fitness and health, physically and mentally. It’s been two consecutive days now that the matches have been suspended due to bad weather conditions. I’ll be up late tonight again, my 3rd consecutive night, and I really hope that the matches resume this time.

Anyhoo, I was out of the house today for an appointment. It was a disappointment. Good thing I made the decision of dropping by the Post Office to finally mail the postcards that were already gathering dust on my desk. Here’s only a few of what I sent today:

Postcards from Cambodia, with love

Oh dear me, what a surprise awaited me there – more than a dozen postcards waiting to be collected! Some are official Pstcrossing cards and the rest are private swaps. All the negative vibes were forgotten!

There is also one set of commemorative stamps included in my dispatch this morning. It’s for a Sri Lankan friend who is now based in the US after snagging one of the Network Administrator Jobs that are highly in demand there. Good job, S. You so deserve this new opportunity and good luck!


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