Just chillaxing at home

It’s the Water Festival this week in Phnom Penh but due to the passing of our beloved King-Father Norodom Sihanouk, all merry-making activities were canceled. However, it is still an official non-working holiday so public offices as well as several private ones are closed. Most of the locals took this opportunity to go back to their hometowns; some members of the expat community are also out-of-town, if not overseas.

MisterDilis and I decided to stay put in the Penh and just spend the holiday chillaxing at home. Besides who would’ve wanted to go out in such a hothothot weather?  Instead, we’re both catching up on our separate “projects” and just enjoy the time together.  My project this week is sorting out and scanning old pictures. It’s a shame that most of our pictures were damaged by the typhoon and only a few were salvaged by my mother. I came across a photo of myself taken when I was in my senior year in the uni. It shows myself and my coursemates in full judo gi and sat on a stack of wrestling mats. Ahhh, those good, old days when I was young and fit.

A lot of people raised their eyebrows at me when they learn about my involvement in sports. Prior to judo, I was a member of our uni’s fledgling gymnastics club, too. I guess I didn’t have the look and form of that’s typical of an  athlete. But I just laugh it off.  I forgive them for their shortsightedness, hahaha. I took judo as a PE elective and, in order for us to pass this subject, we were required to participate in the inter-university judo competition. Oh, it was a fun event! Each of us had two matches and, although I won my first match and moved on to the next round,  I wasn’t lucky in the second one. Despite the loss, my PE teacher gave me a 1.5 grade – woohooo!

I’ll post a pic of me in judo action as soon as I’m done with the sorting 😛

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