Kathy Bates on Harry’s Law

bostonlegal I have a confession to make… I’ve been watching Boston Legal on DVD the past few days. It has been one of my greatest joy to watch Denny Crane and Alan Shore every Friday night on StarWorld. When I found out that Season 5 (please correct me if I’m wrong) was to be the last and final season, I’ll miss the show very much. The only consolation I have is that DVDs of all the seasons (except maybe Season 5) are available at the Russian Market. At least I’ll have the DVDs to re-live the show and enjoy the repartees between the characters once again.

nbc_harrys_lawSo while I was reading online news today, my heart jumped at what I saw. David E Kelly, the award-winning creator and writer of Boston Legal, brings another legal TV show called Harry’s Law, starring my favourite and an Academy-award winning actress Kathy Bates. Hello… do you remember the movie Misery?

Anyways, Kathy Bates plays a curmudgeonly lawyer who was fired from her cushy job and opens a new firm in a shoe store. I think she is perfect for this character! What’s with lawyers, by the way? They are great sources of TV materials these days, along with doctors and crime investigators. How about a show about a Maritime Injury Lawyer? For sure there’s a lot of legal drama happening in the maritime industry.

Anyways, I hope StarWorld broadcasts Harry’s Law this year. If I am not mistaken this is yet to be shown in the US as well (this month, I think) and Yahoo.com urges its readers to watch this show. And if not? Well, here’s what Yahoo.com has to say if you don’t:

Should you watch? Yes.
It’s Kathy Bates.
If you don’t, she’ll come find you and tie you to a bed and do all manner of unkind things to you.

Harharhar. This is obviously a reference to her role in Misery. I have to say the “bed scene” (not what you think, guys!) is one of the memorable scenes in the movie, and the most terrifying, too.

6 thoughts on “Kathy Bates on Harry’s Law

    1. Yehey, may kakampi na ako! Alan and Denny are indeed a strange “couple”but very brilliant as a team of lawyers… and in the last season, they got married. Ugh, another “bromantic” couple. hahaha

        1. A DVD of the final season, Season 5, is now available in the markets here hehehe. Bibili pa lang ako. You are right, the writing is superb and the actors delivering the lines are awesome. Galing-galing ng  batuhan ng dialogs!

    1. I think it will take some months (or seasons?) before it gets shown in Asia. Pero di bale, it’s definitely something to look forward to.

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