Kathy Beth Perry’s Friday night

The past few weeks a local cable channel has been repeatedly showing the making and world premier of Katy Perry’s song, “Last Friday Night”. Since then the catchy lyrics as well as the image of the nerdy main character in the music video is stuck in my head.

I got really hooked on it, honestly! The big fuzzy hair, the neon colours, the tight-fitting jeans – so 80s.

The idea of a Katy Perry alter-ego, Kathy Beth Perry, is just funny.  In the music video, the main character is a geeky and gawky teenager with lots of dental problems! If you look at her, she wears teeth-braces and a headgear she is like a walking, talking and singing dental supplies shop. Don’t you think so?  And because of that she is un-popular and un-cool and leads a sad, sad life. But, with the help of a friend, she transformed and dazzled everyone.

Has anyone seen the video? Here it is:

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